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New Precast Protects Life Website Promotes Precast Concrete’s Resiliency

The Precast/Prestressed Concrete Insitute’s new Precast Protects Life website is live. The site provides a wide array of information and resources about precast concrete’s resilient properties....

Importance of learning and change

Remain tuned to clients’ changing needs, the resources available, and new ways to approach challenges. Change is a constant in life. It’s also a constant...

Thomas & Hutton launches new website

Thomas & Hutton, a southeastern consulting, engineering, and planning firm, launched a revamped website featuring a deeper dive into the markets and services that the firm provides.

ADS expands free online design programs, updates resource database

Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. (ADS), a manufacturer of high-performance thermoplastic corrugated pipe and ancillary products, improved the functionality and increased the number of free online design programs and documents available on its website while making it more responsive across all platforms including mobile devices.

raSmith announces new brand and new website

raSmith launched a new brand and a new website. After talking with employees and clients, President Richard A. Smith and his son Richard (Ricky) A. Smith, Jr. determined that now is an ideal time to update the company’s brand and website to better reflect what’s special about raSmith.

EPA updates website

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is updating its website — www.epa.gov — to reflect the agency’s new direction under President Donald Trump and Administrator Scott Pruitt.

CDM Smith launches new website

CDM Smith launched a redesigned website that features people, projects and insights in an interconnected and personal fashion to give visitors a strong sense of the firm’s mission.

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