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Tunneling to Connect Fort Worth

By David Wallace, P.E. Along the south side of downtown Fort Worth, Texas sits Interstate 30, Tower 55 Rail Intersection—one of the nation’s busiest railroad...

Maintaining Transitions Between Components Equals Better Waterproofing for the Entire Building Envelope

(St. Louis, MO) A building’s envelope is described as any component of a building that touches the outside air and repels the elements, such...

Tips for Securing an Early Completion Bonus for Bridge Construction

By Lynn Connors, GCP Applied Technologies Skanska USA, the contractor hired to construct the $400 million Pensacola Bay Bridge, could earn a $15 million bonus...

Stronger than Roman roads

Geosynthetic interlayers can improve the tensile strength and modulus of elasticity of pavements for longer-lasting roads. Interlayer technology helps arrest reflective cracking for longer-lasting pavements. We...

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