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Researchers uncover hidden deicer risks affecting bridge health

Researchers from Washington State University and Montana State University found that samples of concrete exposed to magnesium chloride in the laboratory with repeated freeze-and-thaw cycles lost more strength than samples exposed to rock salt — even though they showed no visual signs of damage.

SRG designs cantilevered wood staircase for WSU

Washington State University’s (WSU) Everett-based University Center, designed by SRG Partnership, features a four-story atrium with a cantilevered wood staircase constructed of locally sourced Douglas fir glued lamella stringers that span up to 44 feet.

Researchers use recycled carbon fiber to improve permeable pavement

A Washington State University research team is solving a high-tech waste problem while addressing the environmental challenge of stormwater runoff. The researchers have shown they can greatly strengthen permeable pavements by adding waste carbon fiber composite material.

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