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The Kohlbecker Brothers are leading Industrial Architecture into the Digital Age

Celebrating their 90th Anniversary, Kohlbecker launches “Digital Twin” to increase Project Efficiency by 20% and aiming for a Carbon Neutral Footprint In 2022, Kohlbecker Gesamtplan GmbH is...

A Bridge to Innovation

By Phil Keil It is an exciting time to be a part of this industry although, on a day-to-day basis, it may not feel that...

The Wild release v0.7 allows users to create, import, view, and manage content with...

The Wild updated its proprietary, cloud­-based platform that enables designers to create and share immersive experiences using any device.

The virtual future of land development

Virtual reality enables planning commission members, developers, neighbors, and others to experience firsthand how a new development feels. Virtual reality expected to impact how cities...

SphereVision launches 360-degree imaging platform

SphereVision released SphereVision Project suite, designed to bring together 360-degree imagery with site-specific information such as still photography, documents, and maps.

Vectorworks showcases new reality capture and VR features

Vectorworks, Inc. is helping designers harness the power of the cloud with the release of its new reality capture feature, Photos to 3D Model, as well as its virtual reality feature, web view VR.

BOXX introduces workstation with 8th generation Intel processor

BOXX Technologies announced that the new APEXX S3 workstation, featuring an overclocked, 8th generation, Intel Core i7  processor, will debut Nov. 14-16 at Autodesk University.

3D Repo releases version 2.0 of cross-platform BIM and geospatial collaboration software

3D Repo has turned to the latest gaming technology to enhance its cloud-based BIM collaboration software with multi-platform access to 3D BIM models and data.

New version of SphereVision 360 imaging system launched

Arithmetica launched a new version of its 360-degree imaging system, SphereVision 1.4, which allows PDF documents to be imported as base maps onto which additional imagery, floor plans and asset information can be added.

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