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Making Sport a Spectacle for all to See

By Luke Carothers For as long as there have been humans living together, there has been one form of athletic competition or another.  From the...

Kwame Building Group hires Vama Garrimella as Project Engineer

ST. LOUIS, MO – Vama Garrimella, of DeBaliviere Place, MO, has joined Kwame Building Group, Inc. (KWAME) as a Project Engineer. Garrimella’s responsibilities include developing design documents, creating 3D renderings,...

Connected vehicles’ windshield wipers could help prevent flooding

Utilizing a test fleet of connected vehicles, University of Michigan researchers tracked when wipers were being used and matched it with video from on-board cameras to document rainfall, providing faster, more accurate rainfall data than radar and rain gauge systems.

More driving on city streets, less on country roads

Despite a plethora of alternative transportation modes — buses, trains, bicycles — city dwellers are driving more miles than ever, according to University of Michigan researchers.

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