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Topcon upgrades MAGNET Collage Web with new deliverable options

Topcon Positioning Group announces the latest upgrade to MAGNET Collage Web, the web-based service enabling the sharing and collaboration of UAV and scanning data sets.

Topcon introduces ‘Infrastructure and Technology’ documentary series

Topcon Positioning Group announced a new series of documentary videos designed to bring greater awareness to automation and technology in the construction and agriculture industries.

Topcon updates GLS-2000 scanner firmware

Topcon Positioning Group announced a new firmware update for the GLS-2000 scanner designed to enhance its vertical construction applications.

Topcon announces new field computer accessories

Topcon Positioning Group announced new accessories for the FC-5000 field computer — a landscape-style keyboard along with a stylus.

Topcon adds value to Intel Falcon 8+ Drone – Topcon Edition

Topcon Positioning Group announced the Intel Perpetual License Inspection-Surveying provision for the Intel Falcon 8+ Drone – Topcon Edition will now be included with the system.

Topcon introduces software for UAV inspection applications

Topcon Positioning Group announced new software designed to facilitate data processing workflow for UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) infrastructure inspection.

Topcon releases new edition of MAGNET software suite

Topcon Positioning Group released the latest edition of its suite of software solutions — MAGNET 5. The release includes upgrades to the MAGNET Field, Office and Enterprise applications.

Topcon announces new data controller

Topcon Positioning Group introduced the new T-18 handheld controller designed to drive geopositioning, construction, mapping and vertical construction applications.

Topcon acquires outstanding Viasys VDC holdings

Topcon Positioning Group announced the complete acquisition of Viasys VDC, an infrastructure construction software development company based in Espoo, Finland. The purchase is designed to strengthen Topcon software development expertise and support delivery of advanced Topcon VDC (Virtual Design and Construction) solutions with seamless BIM interoperability.

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