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Aussie invention set to make the world safer

The heroism of entering a burning building is amplified by the fact that, at any moment, it could collapse. During evacuations and...

A New Approach to Structural Health Monitoring

By Luke Carothers One of the most frequent topics of conversation in the AEC industry is the collection and analysis of structural data.  Engineers rely...

FDH Infrastructure Services’ CEO, Greg McCray, Inducted into Iowa State University’s Electrical & Computer...

RALEIGH, N.C. /PRNewswire/ -- FDH Infrastructure Services (FDH) is proud to announce that Gregory J. McCray, CEO, has been inducted into Iowa State University's...

Structural Health Monitoring: A Technologically Preparedness Solution for Infrastructure Health Management

By Ajoy Kumar Das Living in the era where daily life is driven by fast evolving technologies, it is often hard to believe that civil and...

SwRI sensor improves structural health monitoring

A new, more powerful generation of a patented Southwest Research Institute magnetostrictive sensor more accurately detects potential problems in oil, gas and chemical industry metal and nonmetal structures such as pipelines, storage tanks and anchor rods.

University of Delaware team aims to commercialize structural health monitoring systems

An entrepreneurial team based at the University of Delaware is working to commercialize a system that could make infrastructure such as bridges and pipelines safer.

Real-time structural health monitoring promises smarter, safer bridges

Sandia National Laboratories, working with Structural Monitoring Systems PLC, a U.K.-based manufacturer of structural health monitoring sensors, outfitted a U.S. bridge with a network of eight real-time sensors able to alert maintenance engineers when they detect a crack or when a crack reaches a length that requires repair.

New fiber-based sensor could quickly detect structural problems in bridges and dams

There is great interest in using distributed sensors to continually monitor the structural health of large structures such as dams or bridges.

With new MIT model, buildings may ‘sense’ internal damage

Researchers at MIT have developed a computational model that makes sense of ambient vibrations, picking out key features in the noise that give indications of a building’s stability.

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