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SCIA releases SCIA Engineer 18 with advanced material design and extended BIM links

SCIA released SCIA Engineer 18, the latest version of the company’s structural analysis and design software with enhancements and functionalities that enable structural engineers to streamline workflows, design with advanced materials, and work more effectively in the BIM process.

Latest Wirth Research CFD project announced as a finalist for global architectural award

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (CTBUH) nominated Wirth Research as a finalist for its Innovation award. Presented in Chicago later this year, the CTBUH award recognizes breakthroughs in design or construction that take the design process of tall buildings to a new level. Through the application of high-resolution computational fluid dynamics (CFD), Wirth Research has become a world leader in the analysis of wind loads for the structural design of tall buildings.

SCIA releases SCIA Engineer 17.1

SCIA released SCIA Engineer 17.1, a new version of structural analysis and design software that extends the functionalities introduced in SCIA Engineer 17.

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