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Wilmington’s Riverfront Park

Along the Cape Fear River, Riverfront Park, previously a lumber yard mill and cargo weigh station for the Port of Wilmington, has been transformed...

Ground Improvement

By Martin G. Taube, P.E., P.G. and Sonia Sorabella Swift, P.E. Historically, when building on sites with poor soils, builders had two primary options to...

How Retaining Walls Provide A Structural Advantage To Your Project

Retaining walls are mainly used to provide support to the soil and to provide an aesthetically pleasing landscape. However, another advantage that they rarely...

Protecting the Soil – Best Construction Practices for Large Decentralized Wastewater Treatment Systems

By Dennis F. Hallahan, PE Introduction Good onsite wastewater treatment combines proper soils evaluation, siting, selection of the most effective product, and installation best practices regardless...


Don’t Slow Down Road & Pad Construction. Energy sites are often located in remote and difficult to access sites in environments with poor soils, limited...

Reclamation awards $20,000 for ideas to detect soil movement within earthen dams

Reclamation selected five ideas as potential solutions for the Detection of Movement of Soils within Earthen Dams, Canals and Levees prize competition.

AEC TECH NEWS: Updated NRCS Web Soil Survey now online

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) released the latest version of its popular Web Soil Survey (WSS). This newest update features improvements and enhancements to help users at all levels be better informed and prepared when they make land-use decisions.

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