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Canon to unveil new large-format printing technology

Canon U.S.A., Inc. announced the new imagePROGRAF TX Series, designed to meet the needs of customers who have higher productivity needs for their technical documents.

AEC TECH NEWS: FARO introduces SCENE 7.0 with onsite scan data registration

FARO announced the availability of the FARO SCENE 7.0 software platform with integrated real time, onsite registration for FARO FocusS Series Scanner 3D point clouds.

AEC TECH NEWS: Arithmetica releases Pointfuse point cloud 3D modeling software

Arithmetica gave visitors at SPAR 3D an insight into how quick and easy it is to convert the vast point clouds generated by modern laser scanners into manageable 3D models.

AEC TECH NEWS: Autodesk leads project to digitally preserve ancient city of Volterra

Autodesk, Case Technologies, and the Volterra-Detroit Foundation led a two-week project to 3D scan key historical and archaeological sites in the ancient city of Volterra in Italy. An international team of architects, engineers, historians and students used innovative technologies including drones, photogrammetry, and laser scanning reality capture techniques, together with Autodesk ReCap 360 software, to digitally record the city’s buildings, roads and artefacts.

Square building in a round hole

It’s hard enough to build a complex industrial structure 12 stories tall. Putting one into a deep, concrete-lined hole is even more difficult. And...

AEC TECH NEWS: 3DR announces availability of Sony R10C on Site Scan

3DR, North America's largest manufacturer of drone technologies for commercial and industrial use, announced the availability of Site Scan, 3DR's fully automated flagship aerial analytics platform as an integrated bundle with Sony's UMC-R10C camera.

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