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DragonPlate™ CFRP Components Improve Reliability of Climbing Robots

ITHACA, N.Y. — “Anyone can make a robot that moves along the ground or through the water, which is why we leave the easy stuff...

Missouri S&T poised to help address state’s bridge repair needs

Missouri S&T researchers are in the midst of a five-year effort to develop new technologies to inspect and maintain bridges and portions of highway.

Newtecnic Appointed in U.S. and UK to Oversee Istanbul City Museum Construction

Following its involvement since the early design stage, international building engineers Newtecnic have been appointed by Salon Architects to coordinate the design of structure, façade and MEP engineering for Turkey’s new Istanbul City Museum.

Architects and engineers test robot’s capacity to build complex structures

Working with an industrial-scale robot and polystyrene blocks at Autodesk’s BUILD Space in Boston, a team of architects and engineers from the Texas A&M College of Architecture are developing a full-scale, light-weight vault structure from interlocking and uniquely shaped structural modules.

Robots cooperate in timber construction

Researchers from ETH Zurich are using a new method for digital timber construction in a real project for the first time. The load-bearing timber modules, which are prefabricated by robots, will be assembled on the top two floors at the DFAB HOUSE construction site.

Identified Technologies: Top construction technology trends of 2018

The Internet of Things, big data, virtual reality, artificial intelligence, and robots are all expected to play increasingly important roles in the construction industry in 2018.

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