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Using Twitter to Expand Your Brand

By Heather Stegner You’ve heard that social media is a way to position yourself as a thought leader or grow your business. But where do...

WoodWorks “Ask an Expert” This Month: Two Q&As on Mass Timber Building Design

In addition to offering  education and free project support, WoodWorks – Wood Products Council publishes a monthly “Ask an Expert” Q&A addressing technical questions...

Q&A: Structural wood design

‘Ask an Expert’ addresses common technical questions related to design and construction of wood-frame and mass timber buildings. Do you have a technical question related...

P.E. credentials and professional duty

When is the correct time to have P.E. after your name?

Section 1609.4.3 Exposure D

This "Code Simple" will attempt to clarify the determination of Exposure Category D.

Liability for stamping drawings

Liability for design is both a regulatory matter and a matter of common law depending upon the state in which this engineer is licensed.

Q&A: Opportunities for GIS in civil engineering

GIS and CAD may have developed as distinct technologies, each with its own focus and strengths. But increasingly, the two applications are converging, and together they can provide an effective arsenal of design and analysis tools for civil engineers. Don Kuehne, CAD products manager for GIS developer ESRI, answers some frequently asked questions about the use of GIS in engineering workflows and GIS/CAD interoperability issues.

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