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An Innovation Ecosystem

Embed One Into Your Firm’s Value Set Phil Keil The complexity and pace of change in the current business environment requires that the creation of value...

It’s not the people, it’s you

If you’re not getting what you want or need out of your people, the problem is not likely with them but with you. When...

Shadow Board

A Nefarious Organization or Your Next Best Idea? If you take a cross section of the firms in this industry, you’ll inevitably see a couple of...

In Pursuit of Excellence

We consistently hear about millennials being lazy and unfocused. This bleeds into other generational groups as well. In fact, while crafting firms’ strategic plans,...

With merger, HED enters Dallas, Boston, and market for data center design

In a deal that clearly points to an important growth sector in the AEC industry, Harley Ellis Devereaux (HED) entered the market in data center design by merging with Integrated Design Group, an architecture, engineering, and planning firm with an established reputation in the field.

How to retain veterans and other employees

Veterans provide a tremendous resource if we know how to attract, retain, and reward them. An estimated 250,000 veterans leave the military every year and...

Transformative leadership

Develop skills through constant learning and improvement. In recent articles, I’ve discussed the importance of developing leadership and strategic thinking skills throughout every level of...

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