Tag: New Zealand

Celebrating the LEEA Awards 2022 winners

The fourth annual LEEA Awards winners were announced during the ‘party of the year’ at the Awards Ceremony, held at P&J Live in Aberdeen...

Gondor to Dubai: Chainmail as a Structural Solution

By Luke Carothers During the Iron Age (1200-300 BCE), nobility and royalty as well as their protectors began wearing shirts of interwoven metal rings...

Surveying history

Students scan the past to preserve the future. By Kristine Carber-White Dr. Pascal Sirguey had waited two years for this day, and he was taking a...

Report: Christchurch shifts from concrete to steel in post-earthquake rebuild

A University at Buffalo engineering professor co-authored a report with potential significant impacts on how modern cities may be reconstructed following earthquakes. “Reconstructing Christchurch: A Seismic Shift in Building Structural System” is a 170-page report that details the reconstruction of Christchurch, the largest city in the South Island of New Zealand, following the 2010-11 earthquake series that shut down the city’s central business district for years.

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