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Green infrastructure: Taming the asphalt jungle

Designs that move toward more naturalized stormwater management can help counterbalance impervious urban development. By Gerald DeFelicis, Jr., LLA, RLA, PP, with Maraliese Beveridge Managing surface...

Safety by design

Maser Consulting develops safety training and communication programs specifically for its field activities. By Lisa DeBenedetto with Maraliese Beveridge According to the Occupational Safety and Health...

More than meets the eye

Rendered view of the complexity of subsurface utilities. Image: Emerson Melin Updating the nation’s hidden infrastructure. By Aaron Hopkins with Maraliese Beveridge It’s no secret that infrastructure...

GIS to the Rescue!

New Jersey’s Water Quality Accountability Act is prompting municipalities to inventory and manage water distribution assets. Water distribution systems consist of water storage facilities, pipes,...

Resilient rebuild

Better than ever, thrills continue at the Jersey Shore!

Restoring Steel Links to Bethlehem’s Past

Historic Hoover-Mason Trestle connects arts, entertainment, and education center.

Zumanjaro: Drop of Doom – How scary is built

From the days of the vaudevillian sideshows to the iconic Coney Island parachute jump, people have loved being scared. Amusement parks have spent millions...

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