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StreetLight Data Delivers Early 2019 Traffic Counts for Nearly Every Road in the Continental...

 New Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) for 2019 Available Now SAN FRANCISCO, CA – March 5, 2020 – StreetLight Data, Inc, the leader in data analytics...

StreetLight Data Expands Its Accurate Traffic Counts to Canada

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – StreetLight Data, Inc, the leader in Big Data analytics for mobility, today launched Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) metrics for Canada on the...

New Annual Average Daily Traffic for 2018 Available Now

StreetLight Data, Inc. launched Annual Average Daily Traffic for 2018 on the StreetLight InSight platform, providing accurate, on-demand traffic volumes for over 4 million miles of roadway.

StreetLight Data adds ability to measure bike, pedestrian, and vehicular traffic

StreetLight Data, Inc., a provider of big data analytics for mobility, debuted an industry-first with the capability to measure bicycle and pedestrian traffic, virtually anywhere, in addition to vehicular traffic.

StreetLight Data unveils on-demand traffic counts for 4 million miles of roadway

StreetLight Data, Inc. launched its new Annual Average Daily Traffic metrics available on-demand through the StreetLight InSight platform. The metrics are based on 365 days of data from over 65 million smart phones, connected cars and connected trucks, as well as census data, road network information, and more.

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