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Grant Barracks Renovation

West Point Building Bearing Name of Civil War General Being Upgraded for Cadets By JoAnne Castagna, Ed.D. New Jersey resident Ulysses Grant Dietz is named after...

Water quality protection has a positive trickle-down effect

2016 photo of the old culvert that had two circular pipes with a total diameter of 36 inches. Pictured are Rifat Salim (left) and...

Modernizing Arctic assets

Recent missile threats to the United States has the U.S. military looking up to its northernmost installation in Thule Air Base, Greenland. It’s there...

Engineering for the unpredictable

Study adapts to new coastal flooding reality.

Messages in the sand from Hurricane Sandy

Days after Hurricane Sandy hit the Atlantic Coast of the United States in 2012, coastal engineers with the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New York District were walking the beaches to see the damages. One of them was on a New Jersey beach and was stunned to see a house completely demolished nearby a house that looked like it was barely touched by Sandy’s force.

Corps Keeps Public Water Clean Naturally

Watershed protection projects allow minimal filtration of drinking water supplies.

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