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Eight years after

On Jan. 12, 2018, landing at the Port-au-Prince airport in Haiti, I smell a mixture of gas exhaust and tropical heated air. A Haitian...

One exciting Monday meeting

Our company is currently working through a budget process for the new year. John, a principal, stands up in the midst of a meeting...

Heroes At a Mexico Earthquake Collapse Site

I am in Mexico City five days after the magnitude 7.1 earthquake. A seven-story concrete office building has collapsed. They call it Site 286....

Gangs, earthquakes, and pupusa

We are driving on a bumpy urban jungle road, right behind an armed police escort. Hot equatorial sun beats down on our black truck,...

Toward a common vision and goals

How do you build a company or a team where everyone feels like they are on the same page — or at least in...

Help foes first

If we meet others’ needs first before we seek to meet ours, eventually we will be ahead in life.

Why protect heritage structures?

At their greatest, architecture and engineering offer a meaningful representation of place, history, people, and culture.

Working Together for a Better Business

Architects, contractors, developers, engineers, and public agencies each bring different priorities, responsibilities, and thought processes to projects.

Lost City

Engineers can make a significant impact prior to disasters. We dont have to lose cities.

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