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Improve Energy Infrastructure Resilience with GEOWEB® 3D Soil Stabilization

When natural disasters, power surges, accidents, or general equipment failure threaten the reliability of the power grid, maintenance crews must be able to quickly...

Designing Hard-Armored, Flexible Channels with 3D HDPE Geocells

Poured-in-place concrete channels control stormwater & erosion Hard-armoring channels to resist severe velocities and hydraulic stresses are typically accomplished by reinforced concrete or articulating concrete...

Why Geocells Outperform Geogrids for Road Construction

Geocells (cellular confinement) offer a more effective and practical 3D design solution to load support challenges than multilayered 2D geogrid efforts. Geocells transfer applied...

AEC TECH NEWS: Presto Geosystems launches new website

Presto Geosystems, a manufacturer of soil stabilization and stormwater products, launched its new website using newer web techniques such as mega menus and more videos and graphics.

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