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Bridges to Prosperity

New Funding Model, New Opportunities Talk about the intersection of engineering and business. Avery Bang, the president & CEO of Bridges to Prosperity, has inked...

Top Travel Tips: Preparations make airline trips smoother

We’re well into summer now. Even if you aren’t someone like me who travels all year round, you’ll probably be going somewhere yet this...

Social media addiction

Negative impacts on relationships, mental focus, and work are growing problems.

From the publisher: Five brain drains

Along with the stress (and hopefully, joy) that the holiday season brings us, we’ll also be faced with an increasing number of brain drains. These are the things that literally suck the life force out of you. When you get to be my age — 58 — it seems like you have more of them than ever. They rarely go away — they just keep building up. But that doesn’t mean you can’t take some action to change the situation.

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