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Green Badger Announces Carbon Neutral Initiative

Top LEED documentation software now officially offsetting company-wide carbon emissions SAVANNAH, Ga. – Oct. 16, 2019 – Green Badger, the premier cloud-based LEED certification software...

The Environment Whisperer

Community using Geothermal Heating and Cooling System Aiming for Net-Zero Capability By Steve Cooper While achieving Net-Zero for one building is somewhat practical, the developer of...

Are we focused on the right things?

By Indranil Seth So long as we are passive spectators to the ever growing concern over the protection of the environment, and hence the call...

Excellence in Environmental Engineering & Science competition winners announced

On April 19, 2018 the American Academy of Environmental Engineers and Scientists announced the winners of its annual Excellence in Environmental Engineering & Science competition.

TRC’s 2018 predictions: Infrastructure initiatives intensify, grids get smarter and renewables remain all the...

TRC Companies Inc., an engineering, environmental consulting and construction-management services firm, released its top predictions for 2018, which include federal and state governments pumping trillions into the nation’s aging infrastructure and utilities building smarter, more balanced grids.

Arcadis joins forces with Canada to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in Chile

The government of Canada selected Arcadis to lead a project valued at Cdn $7 million over four years to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and capture methane from landfills in Chile.

Michigan launches Invasive Carp Challenge

Michigan Gov. Rick Snyder announced that the Invasive Carp Challenge is now accepting proposals for innovative methods to prevent invasive (or Asian) carp from entering the Great Lakes.

Engineering solutions to tourism on coastlines

Advances in transportation technology over the last 10years or so have transformed tourism into a huge industry. In fact, some local economies rely heavily on tourism. However, in some cases, the negative effects of tourism on the environment outweigh its economic benefits. To learn more, checkout this infographic created by Ohio University’s Online Master of Science in Civil Engineering program.

Trees can make or break city weather

Even a single urban tree can help moderate wind speeds and keep pedestrians comfortable as they walk down the street, according to a new University of British Columbia study that also found losing a single tree can increase wind pressure on nearby buildings and drive up heating costs.

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