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Civil + Structural Engineer Media interview with Jim Campbell, President of PND Engineers, Inc.

PND Engineers Turns 40: Anchorage-headquartered engineering firm founded on innovation, service PND Engineers, Inc. marks its 40th anniversary in 2019 and looks forward to bringing innovative...

Dalton Highway

EPS Insulation Helps Alaska DOT Keep Crucial, Remote Road Open By Daryl Sobek Stretching 415 miles from near Fairbanks, Alaska, to the Prudhoe Bay oil fields...

Exploring permafrost coastal erosion in the Arctic

The remote town of Barrow, Alaska, home to more than 4,000 people, touts picturesque views of the Arctic Ocean as well as an unparalleled connection to the Alaskan wild, but underneath its stunning beauty lies a major global crisis — permafrost coastal erosion — causing Barrow to gradually slip into the sea.

New View of an Alaskan Icon

Visual and empirical data provide comprehensive documentation of an important historic site. When the last trainload of copper pulled out of Kennecott, Alaska, in 1938,...

Tim Gould, PE, promoted to president of Ahtna Engineering Services, LLC

Ahtna, Inc. announced that Timothy F. Gould, PE, has been promoted to president of subsidiary Ahtna Engineering Services, LLC. His experience spans 27 years in the consulting and construction markets with responsibilities nationwide and in the Pacific region.

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