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Mobile mapping system helps Australia’s NorthGroup

Geospatial technology supplier 3D Laser Mapping helped surveying specialist NorthGroup Consulting streamline a highway upgrade in Australia. Multi-platform mapping system, ROBIN, was used to survey a 15-km section of the Bruce Highway.

3D Laser Mapping and GeoSLAM merge

UK laser scanning and monitoring companies 3D Laser Mapping Ltd and GeoSLAM Ltd announced a merger that will unify under one roof an extensive range of specialist personnel and expertise in the mobile mapping industry.

3D Laser Mapping introduces automated underground monitoring system

PROCESSMONITOR LIVE, a LiDAR-based platform from geospatial specialist 3D Laser Mapping, provides real-time, automated measurements of underground surfaces.

3D Laser Mapping launches campaign to release open-source LiDAR data

A geospatial technology specialist is launching a campaign to give free access to LiDAR data to showcase the capabilities of a new generation of mobile mapping systems. 3D Laser Mapping will be offering open access to point cloud data that can be viewed and manipulated using GIS software.

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