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Has sustainable construction hit the mainstream?

Have we reached the tipping point for the sustainable construction movement, where it is now a part of conventional design?

Sustainable by design

In 2001, RadioShack - to create an environment that would encourage teamwork, efficiency, and innovation - sought to move employees from a traditional urban high-rise to a modern, horizontal campus-style headquarters with open floor plans. Like many corporate relocations, this could have meant moving from the heart of the city to the outlying suburbs - and in turn, having a detrimental impact on the central city.

Tales of the green — sustainable lessons

In the silos of our projects, firms, and locales, surely there are moments of questioning the implications of the sustainability movement. Like Rostand's Cyrano,...

A sustainable future

Industry experts weigh in on the strengths of structural steel

EPDs and PCRs: Developing environmental footprint standards

Have you tried to understand the carbon footprint of a material or product and been frustrated not knowing which data to use? Tried to...

Sustainable design integration for structural engineers

Sustainable design integration is a call to action for structural engineers to become more involved with the early conceptualization of a building project.

Communicating the damage: Post-disaster building placards and marks

In many communities, officials placard and mark structures after inspections. But, what are those colored placards and spray painted X's that adorn buildings after a disaster? Our authors describe the use of these markings.

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