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Opportunities and challenges of sustainable growth

The Land Development West 2008 Conference & Expo, Nov. 13-14, 2008, at the Sheraton Universal Studios in Los Angeles, is a national event bringing together professionals responsible for land and community development to explore ways to better accommodate growth while ensuring healthy, attractive communities in which to live and work.

Sustainable movement equals exciting new opportunities

Many of us in the engineering profession have been practicing the principles of green design for years. The difference today is that sustainable design has finally come to the forefront, opening up exciting opportunities in our engineering companies as well as in the markets we serve.

Building information modeling and sustainable design for civil engineers

Green or sustainable design show up in every civil engineering industry magazine I read these days and in nearly all my conversations with engineers. I’m also hearing more and more about building information modeling (BIM), but many of the engineers I talk with are still wrestling with trying to get their arms around BIM and what it means for them.

Creating a sustainable IT infrastructure

Centralizing data and applications with a wide area network cuts costs and increases efficiency.

2011 Best Environmental Service Firms To Work For

The best firms give employees the tools to excel

Decentralized strategies for sustainable water

A life cycle management approach to infrastructure assets optimizes capital for communities.

How to plan and specify a modular trench drain system

Hydraulics, traffic loading, environmental factors, and grate properties are key to effective design of trench drain systems.

Designing sustainable recreational trails

GIS perspectiveJackson: Creating a map of horse trails can be serious GIS work. It's serious because there are so many critical variables needed to...

Environmental update

Issues explored and resources identified

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