About Us

civil + structural ENGINEER magazine, C+S eNews and CENews.com make up an integrated network specifically dedicated to serving the information needs of civil and structural engineering firms, as well as state, city, and county engineers; managers; surveyors; and other professionals related to the industry. Readers turn to the new resource for advice on design, technology, research, and regulations related to stormwater, wastewater, drinking water, erosion control, geotechnology, site development, transportation infrastructure, structure renovations, restorations, and historic preservation projects, and much more.

civil + structural ENGINEER magazine marks a new and focused endeavor to provide the civil engineering profession greater resources across a wider variety of channels. It combines the resources of two former magazines CE News and Structural Engineer to become a more influential and visible resource for current and prospective engineers. We have many groups within civil engineering that possess unique identities like the readers of these former publications, but we also share similarities and synergies that needs one, louder voice in reaching more people.

civil + structural ENGINEER magazine is BPA audited. CLICK HERE to learn more.