Stearns, Conrad and Schmidt, Consulting Engineers, Inc. (SCS Engineers)

Project Location: Hialeah, FL

Category: Environmental + Sustainability

Started: June 1, 2008

Completed: June 1, 2021

Project Budget: NA

Project Cost: NA

Project Leadership Team:

  • Somshekhar Kundral, PE
  • Eduardo Smith, PE
  • Lisa Smith
  • Monte Markley, PG
  • Dan Cooper, PE

Project Overview: The Corporate Business Park project is a 8.5 million square foot, 500-acre premier logistics center built mostly on the site of a former construction and demolition (C&D) debris landfill.  Building on the site of a former landfill added significant capital and operational costs to the project due to required soil improvement, incremental costs associated with landfill gas management, groundwater remediation, stormwater management, and the ongoing inspection and monitoring of the site.  The result of these additional costs was the team turning to creative, cost-saving solutions to ensure the development would be feasible and remain cost-competitive in the future such as purchasing stormwater rights in adjacent lakes.  This also included performing services such as a remedial action plan, groundwater modeling, design and permitting of a Class I industrial deep injection well, design/building of a 2 mgd groundwater extraction system and pump station, water use permitting, a landfill gas survey and design of gas management systems for warehouses, groundwater monitoring, and assistance with the Environmental Quality Control Board.

Impact(s): This project is first and foremost significant in that it is a reclamation of a previously blighted landfill.  By redeveloping and repurposing the site with a state of the art corporate park, this project not only benefits the economy and creates jobs, it also carries significant environmental benefits and creates 30 acres of dedicated community park.


  • Constructed on a former Construction and Demolition debris landfill
  • Integrated stormwater-groundwater remediation system
  • Eliminates expensive groundwater treatment by using deep injection well for groundwater disposal 3,500 feet deep