Trimble announced a partnership with ADAPT, a provider of post-tensioned and reinforced concrete software. Through a direct integration between Tekla Structural Designer (TSD) and ADAPT-Floor Pro, Trimble provides structural engineers with a streamlined solution for post-tensioned concrete design.

The integration allows engineers to design steel and concrete for lateral and gravity loads in TSD and export the model geometry and loading to ADAPT-Floor Pro for post-tensioned slab design. The combined solution eliminates the need to work in multiple solutions and recreate models and loads, saving time and reducing errors.

“Post-tensioned concrete design can be tedious and challenging, requiring engineers to work with multiple models, from BIM to gravity and lateral design and floor slab,” said Stuart Broome, business manager, engineering for Trimble. “Post-tensioned floor slabs typically require individual floor models, manual loading inputs and complex design considerations, strain project budgets. With this partnership, we increase efficiency and simplify the post-tensioning workflow for structural engineers.”

“We’re excited to partner with Trimble because the integration between our products enables a much-needed, streamlined design workflow for projects that include post-tensioned slabs or beams,” said Florian Aalami, Ph.D., President and CEO of ADAPT. “The design capabilities of TSD complement our core competence in post-tensioned slab and beam design and provide engineers with a solution for efficiently tackling any building project without recreating models and loading when designing post-tensioned elements.”

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