RICHMOND, VA. — Timmons Group has launched a new website with the James River Association (JRA) to provide stormwater runoff solutions and increase public knowledge regarding pollution in the James River.

JRA contracted with Timmons Group to provide an interactive website which assists landowners in the estimation of rainfall run-off quality and quantity. Using this new, map-based website, landowners and James River constituents can easily locate their address, provide input for land use characteristics, and generate output reports detailing lot run-off values.

The output report from the run-off analysis includes estimated nitrogen and phosphorous loads, both of which contribute to pollution problems in the James River and the Chesapeake Bay. Each report also details tips for reducing run-off, and users may even compare how adding water retention features, such as a rain garden, may help mitigate their run-off amounts.

The James River is Virginia’s largest tributary to the Chesapeake Bay, and one-third of all Virginian’s live in the 10,000-square mile James River watershed. Residents of the watershed’s 39 counties and 19 cities and towns can quickly calculate their estimated storm run-off at

The site was built using ESRI ArcGIS Server 9.3.1, Geoprocessing models, and the ArcGIS Server Flex API. The map-based interface may be viewed as a street map, a topographic map, or as a satellite aerial, with the additional option to view an address on the ground in Google Streetview.

Easy-to-use widgets provide zoom and panning capabilities, as well as the ability to draw on and label areas of the map, and print copies of both maps and output reports.

For more information about Timmons Group or the James River Association, please visit, or, respectively.