The Tilt-Up Concrete Association (TCA)—a non-profit international organization that serves to expand and improve the use of site-cast tilt-up as the preferred construction method— has announced the availability of Tilt-Up Today as an e-magazine online. This is part of TCA’s continued efforts to pursue green and sustainable initiatives.

Tilt-Up Today is the industry’s premier resource for information related to tilt-up construction. The online version has the same editorial content as the printed version and even looks and reads just like the printed issue. The magazine can be read online or downloaded to view later. In addition, you can print either the entire issue or just a portion. Available on, the e-magazine is free.

According to Jim Baty, TCA technical director, the TCA chose to offer the magazine online in response to member needs. "By offering Tilt-Up Today online, those interested in learning more about tilt-up have access to a wide breadth of information at their fingertips whenever they need it," said Baty. "This will increase our already growing readership and will serve as important resource. In addition, the online availability is in keeping with TCA’s larger mission to focus on sustainability and green efforts while reducing our footprint on the earth’s resources."