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Stray Current Induced Corrosion in Reinforced Concrete Parking Garage

By Sara S. Tabatabaei and Alfredo Bustamante A new five-level parking garage is constructed in Arizona and located adjacent to multiple high voltage transmission lines....

Airship parking

The hangar has more than 50,000 feet of clear area, allowing the airships to park inside the building for storage, maintenance, and charging. The...

Walker Consultants opens Irvine, Calif. Office

Walker Consultants returned to Orange County with the opening of a new office in Irvine, Calif., offering forensic restoration, building envelope, parking design and consulting, and parking and transportation planning.

WGI acquires Carl Walker, Inc.

Design, planning, and surveying firm WGI joined forces with award-winning parking consulting and structural engineering provider Carl Walker, Inc.

Smart Growth America releases TOD parking study

Empty Spaces: Real parking needs at five TODs, set out to determine how much less parking is required at transit-oriented developments (TODs) and how many fewer vehicle trips are generated than standard industry estimates.

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