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Breaking down borders

Engineering students use geospatial technology to help third-world communities access water. By Kristine Carber-White Christian Brodbeck is standing in a small village in western Rwanda. It’s...

Trimble introduces next-generation GNSS reference receiver

Trimble introduced its next-generation Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) reference receiver for real-time network (RTN) applications — the Trimble Alloy GNSS reference receiver.

AEC TECH NEWS: Trimble Catalyst provides high-accuracy, on-demand Positioning-as-a-Service

Trimble announced that Trimble Catalyst software-defined Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) receiver for Android devices is now available through Trimble's global distribution network.

AEC TECH NEWS: Spectra Precision introduces multi-frequency, multi-application GNSS receiver

Spectra Precision introduced its new SP90m multi-frequency and multi-application GNSS receiver.

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