2020 Valuation Report of AEC Firms

By Tyler Thompson Zweig Group recently released its 2020 Valuation Report of AEC Firms. This publication was compiled with data gathered from architecture, engineering, and...

Bill McConnell: Education has no Finish Line

Lifelong Learner is Engineering the Effort to Make Vertex a Billion-Dollar Business by 2030 By Richard Massey It’s kind of difficult to describe Bill McConnell. The...

SCJ Alliance transitions to 100% employee-owned company

SCJ employees now earn stock annually, providing them an additional long-term retirement benefit LACEY, WASH. – October was a month filled with excitement for SCJ...

AMT transitions to 100 percent employee owned

A. Morton Thomas and Associates, Inc. (AMT) announced that, effective December 2018, the firm has transitioned to 100 percent employee owned through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan.

ESOP Spotlight

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Americas 100 largest employee owned companies list released

The National Center for Employee Ownership, a private non-profit organization, released the Employee Ownership 100, the largest 100 companies (by employment) owned by employee stock ownership plan (ESOPs) or other arrangements in which at least 50 percent of the stock is owned by 50 percent or more of the workforce. Eight of the companies on the list are in the engineering industry, collectively employing about 65,000 people.

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