Baltimore — RJN Group, Inc. announced a new contract with the Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) for the Western Branch Sewer Basin in Prince George’s County, Md.  The primary objectives of this project are to perform an inflow/infiltration analysis and a sewer system evaluation survey in order to develop rehabilitation recommendations, determine future capacity needs, identify sewer problems, and develop alternatives to meet these needs all while supporting WSSC’s community outreach efforts.

Work on the WSSC Western Branch Sewer Basin project is scheduled to begin in September 2016.  Among the tasks to be completed by RJN during this three-year program are project management; quantification of existing flows through flow monitoring and I/I analysis; source detection through a variety of field investigations, including manhole inspections, smoke testing, and CCTV inspection; hydraulic modeling; data analysis; GIS mapping; coordination with local municipalities and agencies; and development of comprehensive strategies and recommendations.  In addition to this major assessment project, RJN was recently awarded a contract for trunk sewer inspection services for WSSC. This is the second contract term for RJN for the trunk sewer inspection services, which WSSC performs every five years under the terms of their consent decree.