Alexandria, Va. —The WateReuse Research Foundation announced the availability of $150,000 in funding for a new research project: A Framework for the Successful Implementation of Onsite Industrial Water Reuse (WRRF-14-04).

There are several industrial sectors with the potential to expand their adoption of water reuse including chemical manufacturing, the metals industry, power generation, oil/gas production, high-tech, mining, and the food/beverage industries. The proposed framework described in this Request for Proposals (RFP) is expected to be applicable to a wide-range of industrial needs and promote water reuse in the industrial sector.


• Support onsite industrial water reuse opportunities by providing a framework that assists in the initiation and implementation of an onsite reuse program.

• Present detailed criteria on how to develop guidelines that will enable the design, construction, and operation of an onsite industrial water reuse facility that fulfills the water management needs. These criteria should address water quality/supply risks, listing requirements that fulfill their production requirements in an environmentally-sustainable manner.

Proposals are due July 29, 2014, by 5 p.m. Eastern.

Download the complete RFP at