San Diego — Raken, a daily reporting app and field management tool for the construction industry, announced a large update that will allow users to work in “offline mode.” The feature has proven popular in gaming and streaming music services, as it allows users to access the product without the need for an internet connection.

“Offline mode brings a much-needed functionality to the construction space,” said Dr. Sergey Sundukovskiy, CTO/CPO and co-founder of Raken. “Construction companies go where the job takes them, and sometimes, that means an area with very low cellular connectivity or Wi-Fi capabilities, such as in new developments or even underground. This will allow construction companies to do every part of their jobs, regardless of their surroundings.”

The new feature gives users the capability to complete time cards, daily reports and other necessary tasks that will automatically sync with the rest of the project data once connectivity is restored. The update is functional with both iOS and Android operating systems.

“Offline mode has been one of our most requested features, so this update is another example of us listening closely to our users in order to build an industry-leading product,” said Kyle Slager, CEO and founder of Raken. “Our mission has always been to create the fastest, easiest-to-use solutions for superintendents and foremen. That includes when life takes them out of cell range.”

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