12.07.16 StormTrap

    1. The StormTrap structure was divided into two subsections to accommodate the rainwater harvesting system.
    2. The stormwater is pumped from the sump storage area to the UV treatment enclosure before it gets pumped to the irrigation system.
    3. Several detention configurations were considered to mitigate flooding issues during the study phase of the stormwater management plan for the Village of Northbrook.
    4. A water tight seal was only used in the sump area of the StormTrap to hold water for irrigation.
    5. Select the incorrect statement about the stormwater control system:
    6. Geotextile fabric was installed over the gaps between adjacent pieces to allow stormwater to enter the StormTrap system.
    7. Why was the StormTrap system selected for this project?

    1. Provided efficient storage - 93%

    2. Warranty

    3. Design allowed for a quick installation

    8. What storm event was used in determining the required stormwater storage volume?
    9. Which component was added to the design concept to meet Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) requirements for water quality?

    1. Watertight sump area

    2. UV sanitization system to treat water prior to pumping it to the irrigation system

    3. Sand filter to maximize the removal of pollutants

    10. What were the main design considerations when evaluating the underground storage detention system?

    1. Required 23-acre storage volume had to fit into the available space

    2. The structure needed to have minimum HS-20 loading

    3. Construction of the system had to be completed in an 8-month construction window.

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