Fresno, Calif. — After serving clients for more than forty years, Quad Knopf is changing its name to QK. The name change reflects a new direction for the firm, and a renewed commitment to the people, communities, and organizations that benefit from QK’s services.

Quad Knopf is widely recognized as a leading multi-discipline consulting firm, with a proud history of planning, designing and permitting unique environments throughout California. As Quad Knopf transitions to QK, the firm is also adapting their business model to better help clients manage the delivery of the infrastructure projects needed to serve the next generation.

“We’re proud of the work that Quad Knopf has done in California for nearly half a century,” said CEO, Michael Knopf, PLS, PE. “And now, as QK, we’re excited about all of the things we’re going to help our 21st century clients to create. Our company has always been about helping leaders build great communities and healthy environments. That won’t ever change.”

The new name marks a new chapter in the company’s story. QK’s team of talented specialists have always provided clients with sound advice and careful project management. As the company builds on their new corporate identity, QK is also changing the structure of their service areas. To better help clients meet the current infrastructure challenges, QK has arranged their talent into five distinct areas of expertise:

  • Engineering Design & Construction Management
  • Survey & GIS
  • Urban Design & Landscape Architecture
  • Biology & Environmental Permitting
  • Planning

In each service area, a core team of creative staff members are prepared to handle the industry’s most difficult challenges. Team members have extensive knowledge of their specific discipline and are able to provide the critical insights necessary to deliver today's complex projects. Although each service area represents a specialized niche, the QK staff will continue to work together as a team, as they did before, to manage their clients' diverse project needs.

The name change, combined with the new look, reflects the company’s updated approach to helping their clients. In today's complex and rapidly changing project environment, it is no longer possible for generalists to know everything they need to know when dealing with complex problems. That’s the reason the firm created five distinct service areas that can lend a high level of skill and unique industry experience to specific problems.

The rebranding process has spurred significant changes within the firm designed to help communicate the new corporate identity. The name may have changed, but QK continues to focus on helping their clients make California’s built environment possible.

“No one is better at helping 21st century clients in California navigate the complex project delivery process”. "We care about our communities in California", said Michael Knopf. "After all, we live here too".

The company will launch their new mobile-friendly website this month. The new website can be found at