LOS ANGELES — Community Conservation Solutions (CCS) has honored the South Los Angeles Wetland Park as the Green Solution Project of the Year. Green Solution Projects focus on solving critical water quality problems while restoring paved, urbanized areas to green open space.

The wetland park project, currently under construction, is transforming a nine-acre former rail transit yard into a public green park space. The wetland will serve to capture and treat urban runoff from the 525-acre surrounding watershed. At the same time, precious green open space and a nature experience will be added to South Los Angeles.

Psomas is the prime consultant for the project under the city of Los Angeles’ Proposition O program. Passed by voters in 2004, Proposition O provides $500 million in bond measure funds to clean up the city’s rivers, lakes, beaches, and ocean by reducing stormwater pollutants.

Community Conservation Solutions (CCS) specializes in tackling the complex and challenging problems created when people and nature intersect. Their projects range from parks and beaches to wilderness and watersheds, and from recreational sites to mixed-use developments.

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