LOS ANGELES – The International Commercial Code (ICC) Evaluation Services, developer of the International Building Code (IBC), recently issued AC 429 Acceptance Criteria for High-Strength Steel Reinforcing Bars, expanding the applications of high-strength concrete reinforcing steel bars (rebar) up to 100 ksi. This action by ICC Evaluation Services supports the continued utilization of MMFX2 (ASTM A1035) Grade 100 [690 MPa] rebar to build safer, stronger and more cost effective structures while solving difficult design and construction challenges.

The Acceptance Criteria was drafted based on the American Concrete Institute (ACI) ITG-6R-10, Design Guide for the Use of ASTM A1035 / A1035M Grade 100 (690) Steel Bars for Structural Concrete, and provides clear international building code standards and guidelines for designing structures with 100 Grade (690 MPa) rebar.

High-strength rebar, such as MMFX2 100 Grade (690MPa) bar sold in North America by MMFX Steel Corporation of America and the Middle East by MMFX Steel DMCC, allows structures to be designed and built with 20% to 50% less steel and up to 60% lower labor costs. In addition, by specifying high-strength steels, designers can solve costly rebar congestion problems and developers can complete structures more quickly, resulting in substantial cost savings.

MMFX2 rebar is also more ductile than other high-strength steels and can be fabricated using conventional fabrication equipment. MMFX2 rebar further offers superior corrosion-resistance, resulting in longer-lasting buildings and other structures without the problems and special handling requirements associated with coated rebar. The product’s combined strength and corrosion-resistance improves constructability and sustainability.

With the ITG-6 Design Guide and the newly issued ICC-Evaluation Services Acceptance Criteria, designers and contractors have clear guidance regarding the applications of MMFX2 Grade 100 (690) steel rebar to value engineer and build better, safer, and stronger buildings more efficiently.