New Rochelle, N.Y.—The Bridge Preservation Association (BPA), established in 2008, has a mission to bring together those in industry and government who are actively involved with bridge preservation. The BPA supports research and education for government and industry professionals in the economic, safety, and performance advantages of bridge preservation.

The mission of the BPA is to advance bridge preservation and maintenance practices, procedures, products, and technologies that help stakeholders enhance bridge performance, extend service life, and increase public safety. The BPA will offer a central resource for education, research, and promotion of new technologies and innovations. It is comprised of all bridge stakeholders, including industry representatives, consultants, academia, agencies, contractors, and any other experts who are actively involved in bridge preservation.

Bridge preservation includes activities performed on bridge elements or components that aim to prevent, delay, or reduce deterioration. Bridge preservation activities do not entail structural or operational improvements of an existing bridge asset beyond its originally designed capacity and life. The BPA strives continuously to improve the quality and understanding of new bridge preservation technologies through outreach, research, education, and public-private partnerships.

For a limited time, the BPA is offering a discounted founding membership fee. Interested parties must act before June 30, 2009. For more information, visit www.bridgepreservation