Reston, Va. – ASCE’s new book, Design of Close-Fit Liners for the Rehabilitation of Gravity Pipes, MOP 145, provides a comprehensive source of information on the design of flexible, close-fit linings for the renewal or rehabilitation of pipes designed for gravity flow such as sanitary sewers, culverts, and storm sewers.

The Manual of Practice begins with topics on pipe-soil structure interaction, condition assessment and inspection methods, and lining options, but the main focus is on the thickness design of close-fit flexible liners. This design is based on a closed-form solution, and considers both the current shape of the host structure as well as the potential imperfections of the liner (annular gap) and of the host structure (cracks or fractures).

The book presents design solutions for circular and non-circular geometrics and covers the thickness design of flexible liners to be installed in a gravity-flow sewer or culvert pipe, as well as the installation method. MOP 143 offers valuable guidance to consulting engineers tasked with designing flexible close-fit liners for rehabilitation of existing gravity pipe applications.

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