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NCPI Introduces an Industry-First Operations & Maintenance Handbook

NCPI Introduces an Industry-First  Operations & Maintenance Handbook

ELKHORN, WI – The National Clay Pipe Institute (NCPI) has just completed and published the most comprehensive manual for cleaning & maintaining any sanitary sewer system.  Leaders of NCPI realized that decision makers in the largest sanitary sewer systems in the country were specifying vitrified clay pipe (VCP) not just because of the long-term value represented by the lifecycle of the material.  They were specifying VCP because of the operations & maintenance options the material provides in their systems throughout the lifecycle.

One of the real benefits of this Handbook, to any user, is the SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) derived from Kent Carlson’s more than 30-years of experience with the City of Los Angeles.  Another feature of the Handbook is a guide to the use of aggressive cleaning techniques to achieve the goals of the CMOM (Capacity, Management, Operation & Maintenance) program and reduce SSOs (Sanitary Sewer Overflows) by maintaining the designed operational capacity of a system.

“Kent was the driving force and our subject matter expert for this publication,” said Jeff Boschert, president of NCPI, “we couldn’t have done it without him.”

The full Handbook is available on the home page of the NCPI website (ncpi.org) or printed copies are available from NCPI member companies.