Houston — Planning, engineering and program management firm Lockwood, Andrews & Newnam, Inc. (LAN) was selected to engineer the reconstruction and widening of two roadways — Longstreet Road and Wills-Waukegan Road — in Montgomery County, Texas.

The rehabilitation projects, which comprise more than seven miles of roadway, will include upgrading the pavement, adding shoulders, adding safety improvements, and providing new roadway signs and pavement markings. The two projects are part of a list of 54 projects that was identified as a priority by the County and approved in a bond referendum last November.

“Montgomery County is the seventh fastest growing county in the nation and is investing heavily in its infrastructure to deal with this growth,” said Byron Bevers, P.E., LAN’s project manager. “We are pleased to partner with Montgomery County and Precinct 1 in particular to help Commissioner Meador address some of the transportation needs of his precinct.”

LAN, which opened an office in Montgomery County earlier this year in March, is also working on several projects in the region, including the City of Conroe’s water master plan, surface water improvements and the South Conroe Wastewater Treatment Plant.