In 2018, The T-WALL® Retaining Wall System, formerly of The Neel Company, was added to The Reinforced Earth Company’s (RECo) list of proven retaining wall solutions.

The T-WALL modular gravity retaining wall system has been a staple in the highway and railroad construction industries for three decades. An ideal solution for bridge abutments, approach embankments, accelerated bridge construction, and other bridge applications, the system uses modular precast concrete units and select backfill, which reduces as the wall rises—and there are no mechanical connections needed. The simple stacking and compacting procedure allows for fast construction. T-WALL is particularly economical in areas that have a narrow base width.

T-WALL units come in three sizes to accommodate application, wall size and other unique site criteria including varying stem lengths, as well as extended-height and sloped tops for the uppermost wall course. A wide range of standard and custom architectural treatments can also be applied to the front face.

For more information on the T-WALL system, please visit or contact RECo’s headquarters in Reston, Va.

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