Jackson, Miss. — As part of a continued effort to invest in the educational opportunities for the young people of Mississippi, the Mississippi Department of Transportation (MDOT) has launched www.GoMDOT.com/stemeducation a new STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) website aimed at increasing interest in careers in the transportation industry, specifically civil engineering.

To meet the needs of the changing workforce, many schools across the state have shifted their focus to STEM education programs. MDOT has responded to this shifting emphasis by developing, implementing and supporting multiple education outreach programs.

“Our new STEM education site is designed as a tool to raise awareness about the education outreach programs MDOT offers,” said MDOT Executive Director Melinda McGrath. “This site is a valuable resource for teachers, parents and students.”

This resource site focuses on MDOT’s two free STEM education programs, the Transportation and Civil Engineering (TRAC) program and the Roadways Into Developing Elementary Students (RIDES) program.

The STEM education site offers information for teachers on how the TRAC and RIDES programs can benefit their students. It also offers information on training sessions provided by MDOT at no cost to the teacher. Parents and students can also find information about the programs, and the steps necessary to get the programs implemented in their school.

In addition to information about the TRAC and RIDES programs, the new site also provides resources for other STEM-related opportunities in Mississippi, such as the Mississippi Summer Transportation Institute.

“A quality education is one of the most valuable tools a person has at their disposal,” said Mississippi Transportation Commissioners Dick Hall, Tom King and Mike Tagert in a joint statement. “Education opens the door to many opportunities later in life. MDOT is committed to maintaining and improving Mississippi’s transportation infrastructure by investing in educational opportunities for young people in our state.”