SAN DIEGO — Kleinfelder, a global architecture, engineering, and science consulting firm, announced that it launched a public relations service line for its clients in the energy, facilities, government, and transportation markets. Public relations services are a critical and important value-added component to projects by building strategic community awareness and public outreach campaigns.

“Effective public relations is extremely valuable to any project regardless of its size” said Noelle Afualo, the firm’s director of public relations. “This valuable service allows our clients to communicate effectively and seamlessly with the communities they serve. By working together, our clients and communities ensure continued success on many very important projects.”

Personalized and Flexible: The foundation of Kleinfelder’s public relations services is complete personalization. All services provide total flexibility to create unique public relations plans to ensure the best results for any project.

Seamlessly Connected to the Community: Kleinfelder’s public outreach programs are fully customized to fit a client’s specific needs, including research, planning, strategic implementation, and a thorough evaluation with measurable objectives.

Social Media and Online Presence: Kleinfelder’s public relations team is able to create online outreach for clients, through blogs, social media, and other project-specific websites. Through these online mechanisms, the firm is able to build awareness, engage the community, identify key stakeholders, track a project’s message, and respond quickly to input from the community.

For over three years, Kleinfelder has provided public relations services and support for large-scale transportation projects. Since then, Kleinfelder’s award-winning public relations team has worked with a diverse range of industry leaders, municipalities, agencies, communities, and clients.

Since starting the service in 2010, Kleinfelder has worked on or completed more than 10 public relations projects. Projects include the Orange County Transportation Authority (OCTA) I-405 Improvement Project; City of Corona’s Sixth Street Pavement Rehabilitation Project, Phase II; Port of San Diego’s North Embarcadero Visionary Plan; SANBAG’s I-10/Tippecanoe Avenue Interchange Widening Improvement, Phase I & II; City of Los Angeles’ Soto Street Bridge Over Mission Road and Huntington Drive Project; and SANBAG’s Eastern Maintenance Facility Expansion (Redlands 1st Mile).