NEW SOUTH WALES, AUSTRALIA — Kleinfelder, a global architecture, engineering, and science consulting firm, launched its new Australian website. Designed to encourage industry engagement, the new website provides an extensive array of resources for the Australian engineering community, as well as information about Kleinfelder’s services, people, and projects.

“Kleinfelder believes strongly in Australia’s future, and are investing heavily to offer a full range of services to support our clients and the greater engineering industry,” said Ashraf Jahangir, the international market manager for Kleinfelder. “As we continue to grow in support of our global clients, we wanted to develop a site where clients can find Australia-specific and industry-specific information, complete with project examples and technical insights to help our clients solve complex, real-world challenges.”

The new website aims to assist clients in making well-informed decisions about their projects in context of their unique needs and goals in energy, government, facilities, transportation, and water markets. The website includes a Projects subsection featuring recently completed projects both in Australia and abroad. Each project description includes an in-depth analysis of the challenges, solutions, and project results, allowing the greater engineering community to gain insight from already-completed projects, as well as audio and visual resources.

In addition to project descriptions, the new website provides a comprehensive look at Kleinfelder’s capabilities and key services including architecture and design engineering, environmental compliance, construction materials engineering and testing, facility operations compliance, and geotechnical and geologic engineering services, amongst others. Other subsections include Office Locations, and a link to the Kleinfelder homepage.

More project descriptions, technical papers, and insight articles can be found in Kleinfelder’s Resource Library. Since 2010, Kleinfelder has demonstrated a strong momentum of global expansion, opening its first offices in Melbourne and Guam followed by its first Canadian office in Alberta. In 2012, the company acquired Ecobiological Group and Alliance Environmental Engineering & Consulting, which provided environmental and engineering services throughout Australia. Kleinfelder serves clients out of its Adelaide, Mackay, Melbourne, and Warners Bay offices. Kleinfelder anticipates continued growth in the region to eventually encompass the firm’s full offering of services to the water, transportation, energy, facilities, and government markets.