Portland, Maine — Organizers of the International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) announced a Call for Papers for the 2017 event, which will take place in Denver, February 13-15, 2017. The Call for Papers invites any interested parties to submit abstracts by the deadline of September 1, 2016 using the online submission form (www.lidarmap.org/speaker-inquiry).

ILMF invites abstracts addressing the following topics:

  • Data acquisition – airborne, mobile and bathymetric LiDAR
  • Developments in LiDAR including Single Photon, FLASH and Geiger-mode
  • Comparisons of LiDAR technologies
  • Applications/Integration of lidar, photogrammetry, survey data and dense image matching
  • LiDAR point clouds and large data sets including automated feature extraction
  • UAV/UAS developments and applications
  • Comparisons of manned versus UAS
  • Emerging technologies in remote sensing and mapping
  • Data fusion and processing technologies
  • Engineering collaboration systems and cloud-hosted data management
  • Developments in point data classification and GIS modeling
  • Mobile mapping and survey
  • Systems integration
  • Industry issues

The ILMF Advisory Board will review each abstract and the final program will be announced in November. Case studies and recent project examples presented by owner/operators are encouraged.

Additional information and the abstract submission form can be accessed at www.lidarmap.org/call-for-speakers.

The success of ILMF 2016, which saw more than 900 professional attendees from 27 countries, has proven that LiDAR, in its increasing variety of operational formats, either alone or when complementing other technologies, is becoming a critically important technology for fast, accurate and quality geospatial data acquisition. Whether supporting highly detailed 3D urban mapping projects, forestry management, or railroad and power transmission line maintenance programs, LiDAR technology delivers the results needed by today's demanding geospatial and mapping professionals.

The International LiDAR Mapping Forum (ILMF) is a technical conference and exhibition showcasing the latest airborne, terrestrial, and underwater LiDAR as well as emerging remote-sensing and data collection tools and technologies for Asset Management, Civil Infrastructure, Coastal Zone Mapping, Emergency Services & Disaster Response, Land and Natural Resource Management, Urban Modeling and more. For more information, visit www.lidarmap.org