Hurd Construction Management Partners With Juan Valdez®

Hurd Construction Management to build 182 new Florida stores for the International Coffee Brand

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Hurd Construction Management announced that it has been retained as the program development firm and construction manager for Juan Valdez®, heading the Florida market expansion for the renowned Colombian company as it begins its expansion plan this year to open 182 stores in major Florida markets by 2025. 

In this role, Hurd will develop a strategic construction program to facilitate a rapid geographic expansion throughout the Sunshine State and deliver newly built Café locations ready to serve the top-quality products that distinguish the Juan Valdez® brand worldwideThis is a multi-year project with construction investments exceeding $50M.

“The opportunity to partner with an iconic brand like Juan Valdez is very exciting,” said Hurd’s President Brandon Hurd. “I can remember the Juan Valdez® logo flashing across television and magazine ads as a child. Now, as the brand is set to expand in Florida, we are eager to be its local construction partner. Our commitment to quality, excellence, and the disciplined approach we take with all our projects create synergy between our two companies. Coffee lovers in Florida can look forward to enjoying soon a delicious cup of Juan Valdez’s famed Colombian coffee at a location near them.”

Hurd and his team are ready to start the rollout of several locations in south and central Florida. To accomplish this challenging task, Hurd Construction Management is implementing the company’s comprehensive, progressive, and proven project management strategies designed to deliver results.

The National Federation of Coffee Growers of Colombia, which developed the Juan Valdez® brand, established the Juan Valdez® coffee houses to promote fair trade coffee. The first stores opened in Colombia and rapidly expanded in several Latin American markets, Spain, Washington D.C., Miami, and the Middle East, while growing quickly in many more countries.